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The Wellington Macintosh Society Incorporated is a non-profit organisation formed in April 1984 with the following objectives:

  • To exchange and disseminate information among the members concerning the computer arts and sciences.
  • To publish books, newsletters, magazines and periodicals for the benefit and education of the members and the general public.
  • To conduct and sponsor seminars, lectures and courses relating to the computer arts and sciences.
  • To provide technical assistance to members of the group.
  • To seek privileges and discounts for members.

Your Apple Macintosh is the most versatile, easy to use computer available, but how can you explore its full potential? You won't know how much you can do until you get into New Zealand's biggest Macintosh society, offering Mac users a huge range of interests and opportunities.


Subscriptions are $30 per year from date of joining. Families & Businesses welcome


The society's constitution is available online by clicking here.

Businesses Offering Discount to Members

The group has arranged for some Wellington businesses to provide discounts to members on production of their membership card.

Join Now !

The Membership Application form is available here. Please send the form and we will contact you regarding making your payment.


(ex) President and host of regular meetings :
David Empson


Vice President:
Shane Gordine


Secretary & Editor :
Andrew McPherson


Peter Kirby



Committee Members:

Howard Barker


Joseph Booth

Kapiti Committee

Janet Milne

Carole Sweney

Malcom Rose





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